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Live Review: Perfume Genius 'Grid' (Official Video)

12 September 2014 | 6:40 pm | Darren Ng

Perfume Genius who has made quirky and weird an integral part of his music has released yet another music video in 'Grid' to add to his collection.

Mike Hardeas, who performs under the moniker Perfume Genius, has always had a quirky element to his music. If you have heard even snippets of his releases, you will understand that he defies the typical run-of-the-mill indie pop produce that carries soaring hooks and catchy melodies.

His previous single 'Queen' was beautifully orchestrated into a trunk box encapsulating passionate and heavy emotive content while retaining a disconcerting but yet with a striking need for tenderness, resulting in his a nickname of his, 'the Queen of Queens'.

His last album 'Put Your Back N 2 It' didn't have the smoothest of releases, with the album's promotional video being questionably pulled off YouTube for being inappropriate for family viewing. All is well for the Queen as he has since bounced back from that debacle and released the first single 'Grid' off his third album 'Too Bright', set for a 19th September release off Matador Records and Remote Control Records.

'Grid' prides itself as being an audacious track that shows his defiance through pounding drums, shrill wails, witty verses and a wry attitude. The verse brings about an exotic chill in the air, mixing bold and forceful drums with playful bass lines and topping it off with a dark, lo-fi yet rejuvenating Lykke Li-like touch in the vocals. While there is no big u-turn in direction, it does see Mike flexing his muscles in a more aggressive and bolder manner that defines him finer.

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The music video for 'Grid' might just be mouthed as peculiar, twisted yet brilliant. Call it conceptual art as several silver cladded men described as demons grab Mike (who is in some serious heels) in a push-pull fashion as they tussle and scuffle to the frenetic beats of the pre-chorus. It looks like an artsy nightmare for Rocky Horror Pictureshow fans as he fights off more demons as they consume their feast on a table in their silvery castle with him as the centrepiece.

Words by Darren Ng