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Live Review: Oscar Key Sung & Cassius Select 'Wanna' (Official Video)

4 September 2014 | 12:00 am | Alean Penaflor

Let the two sides of Oscar Key Sung & Cassius Select's track 'Wanna' show itself in this music video.

Yet to fail with the quality of tunes released by this Melbourne producer, OSCAR KEY SUNG and CASSIUS SELECT recently put their creative minds together for the track 'Wanna' which in equal parts showcased the two artists' musical traits in the one wondrous package.

Now, the serene-come-trance affair has a well-fitting video to let your mind rest with its imagination and let your eyes work with the track's official visual accompaniement. As 'Wanna' seamlessly combined rather than clashed OSCAR KEY SUNG and CASSIUS SELECT's stylistics, 'Wanna' is as organically measured in its flowing, underlying piano melody as it is sparse and unpredictable in its surprising injections of electronic elements here and there.

It's a comforting piece that simultaneously keeps you on your toes with its brooding synths and bass.

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With such a contrast in character, it's hard not to let that come into play with the song's clip. The natural, organic feel that comes from hearing each piano key is visually paired with close ups of a person's face, with a good portion of the video's start comprising entirely of pink/flesh tones. But as the boom of those percussion hits come in, the images are plunged into a different and dark realm a-scattered with strobe lighting and movement.

This interplay between the 'natural' and 'digital' characteristics switch at a more rapid pace toward's the track's outro, as the two sides of 'Wanna' physically show themselves to listeners and viewers.

Words by Alean Penaflor