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Live Review: Odette's meteoric rise continues with 'Collide'

28 November 2017 | 10:54 am | Jackson Langford

It's rare that such a force smashes into the scene, but that's the only way to describe ODETTE. With a persona so assertive and lyrics dripping with painfully accurate perception, clarity and wisdom, she's one of those voices that almost doesn't need any music to carry her. Her debut single, 'Watch Me Read You', was a beautiful and heartbreaking peek into her whirlwind monologue. Now, her follow-up single 'Collide' has crashed into us with more power and more quaint ferocity than we could have ever been prepared for.

Written about "about a yearning for a connection that ultimately doesn't exist"'Collide' is a simple piano-driven ballad that once again allows Odette to wax her lyrical genius in a way only she can. Her dramatic vocal delivery is only outdone by the raw emotion that bleeds out of every note. "The simplest touch leaves a burn on me...I can't get these burns off me," she sings in desperation, as the piano-driven melody builds into an explosive crescendo.

'Collide' roars far louder than 'Watch Me Read You' but, at its base, still lies the scorned words of a woman whose wisdom and perception knows no bounds. Odette's unshakable ability to convert her rawest of emotions into tangible, painfully relatable pieces of art is something to be revered. While she might feel like her emotional whirlwind is going to come crashing down at any given moment, her meteor will continue to soar into superstardom and we'll be watching with awe until the very end.

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Image: Supplied