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Live Review: 'Real Cool' is Noire's eerie single from upcoming debut album

6 July 2017 | 6:16 pm | Lloyd Crackett

If you love motels, neon lights and gloomy wallowing (not to mention shoegaze-tinged rock) - you'll be all about Noire's latest single and video 'Real Cool'

If the week break between new episodes of Twin Peaks has gotten you into a funk, you are in luck. NOIRE’s first single ‘Real Cool’, from their upcoming debut album Some Kind of Blue, is an homage to the emotionally bleak and stylistically rich history of motels, broken hearts and the open road.

‘Real Cool’ is a dreamy tune, it’s swathed in textural sound: synths over synths, a plodding guitar and a steady but thundering drumline. It’s from the very opening chords that you know exactly what they were aiming for and how tightly they have achieved it. The first strum is met by a wave of synth and then in come Jessica Mincher’s intoxicating vocals. Mincher’s voice is one that could easily slip into another decade, reaching from velvety depths to a higher breathy croon and is perfectly situated alongside the rich production of the track.

The clip itself is truly a stylistic homage. The neon lights, the impersonal motel rooms and despondent occupants all add the vague feeling of eeriness to the track. ‘Real Cool,’ as said by Mincher,... it’s about the things you tell yourself when you think the one you love doesn’t feel the same anymore." The video clip does an amazing job of conveying this, using the time-honoured styles of Lynch and Wenders to really explore the beauty of love and loneliness. The final shot of the video, a lone phone in a room ringing to no one is a perfect image to leave on. It’s an expert homage to western-style road films and a wonderful first clip from the album for Noire, who are only months away from its debut.

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Noire are currently preparing to embark on a European trip, playing shows across London, France and Germany. Their album Some Kind Of Blue is released on the 29th of September through Spunk Records.

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