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Live Review: Noire pay tribute to Jim Jarmusch in 'He's My Baby' video

14 September 2017 | 7:34 am | Lloyd Crackett

Noire are only weeks from the release of their debut album Some Kind of Blue, check out their ultra chic video for single 'He's my Baby' to prepare

If you hadn’t caught on by now, NOIRE are a band who have put taste to the forefront. If not by their heavily stylised music, press shots – it’s their continuing homages to directors of yesteryear. While their previous video for ‘Real Cool’ gave the thumbs up to Lynch and All American Motel Films, this time they are back in black and white to send the love to Jim Jarmusch’s Coffee and Cigarettes with their new video for ‘He’s My Baby’.

Billy James and Jessica Mincher are effortlessly cool in ‘He’s My Baby’, and it’s melancholy without dragging. It’s 100% small town vibes: the days are long, the one main road in town is longer and the isolation is too familiar. The track however, while focusing on Jessica’s wonderfully rich voice that works best emoting feelings that pang, still has a touch of hope to it. It’s a single claim of hope in a somewhat bleak circumstance.

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The music video is black and white yet remains visually enticing, paying obvious and well-thought out homage to Jim Jarmusch. It is able to convey a lot about the band, the song and also how serious Noire takes creating. Their distinct ability to combine all of the creative elements, their own personal looks, their videos and their music into a seamless message is impressive. It is no wonder they are about to hit Europe and tour, they are a band for the international stage. Highlights of the clip would be Billy’s perfect fringe, the ‘God, I’m Lonely’ book and the light tension between the wait staff and Jessica (nothing is more sensual than a small cup of milk).

Noire's debut album Some Kind of Blue will be out on the 29th of September Via Spunk Records