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Live Review: No Mono drop hypnotising video for 'Butterflies'

13 November 2017 | 9:51 am | Max Lewis

No Mono, aka Tom Iansek and Tom Snowdon, have dropped a mesmerising and raw video for 'Butterflies' alongside their first run of tour dates as a duo.

Australia's two best Toms', aka No Mono, aka Tom Iansek & Tom Snowdon, are back at it again, with a striking and raw music video for their debut single 'Butterflies', and some dates for their first run of live shows as a duo.

A collaborative work in progress of over two years, No Mono burst on the scene mid-September with 'Butterflies', a woozy, gorgeous and heart-wrenching track that distilled the raw talent of the two Toms into one stunning package. Of Lowlakes and #1 Dads Big Scary respectively, Snowdon & Iansek are no strangers to Australian electronic music; No Mono, however, sees them exploring much more subtle and personal territory.

The video for 'Butterflies' consists of a stunningly lit long take of Snowdon singing and dancing along to the track. Equal parts performance art and otherworldly musical theatre, the video is raw and emotional to the point it almost feels voyeuristic. As the camera slowly zooms in and out from Snowden, he maintains a thousand-yard-stare at the middle distance. At times simply using his hands for expression, or extending his body into striking tableaux back-lit by neon blue. His performance is soulful and emotional; as though he's possessed both by the music and his personal demons. It's a mesmerising video, and a perfect accompaniment to the dizzying synths and gorgeous vocals of the track.

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On his use of dance in the video, Snowdon remarked: "Dancing has been a part of my life for a long time. My sister, Frankie, is a professional dancer and has inspired me from when I used to copy her as a kid. I did it for a few years until early high school and then stopped, but it’s always been an interest and a reference for my music.”

Alongside the video, No Mono have also dropped dates for their first ever run of live shows as a duo. Take a gander at the dates below, and grab tickets ASAP, because you do not want to miss this stunning Tom combo live.