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Live Review: Nadia Rose exudes confidence in video for new single 'Big Woman'

6 November 2017 | 7:27 pm | Camilla Patini

NADIA ROSE has the kind of razor-sharp tongue that makes her enemies quiver and her friends laugh. It's the kind of rapid-witted banter (together with the absolute bangers that she's been releasing over the past year and a half) that have earned her a deal with Sony, spots on festival main stages and an invitation to perform at an Alicia Keys showcase, as well as an Australian tour just around the corner. In short, her career has risen incredibly fast. Now the Croydonite, one of the UK’s hottest young hip-hop artists, has revealed a powerhouse video for her new single, 'Big Woman', an anthem to all powerful women out there, no matter their size or background. The fierce video features award-winning vlogger and presenter Gracie Francesca, and the track was produced by DJ Bamz from her very own crew

Rose is no stranger to championing the empowerment of women through her music, lyrics and personality. On her single, 'Squad', for instance, she paid tribute to a group of brilliant-sounding girlfriends. "When all of that energy is together, it's incredible what you can achieve," she'd said, speaking of the making of the single.

In the music video for 'Big Woman,' she and Francesca exude a similar confidence, performing surrounded by strong, fearless young women. "Everything I do, I do confidently and I thank the rap music and dancehall I grew up on for that attribute. I like music that makes me feel liberated so that's what I've created here with 'Big Woman'," she said of her new video. Rose is no doubt inspiring the next generation of girls to follow their dreams or to simply act with more confidence in their day-to-day lives. Rose herself has a confidence and infectious energy on stage that mirrors other great female rappers like fellow UK-born Lady Leshurr and American legend Missy Elliot

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Before Rose heads back into the studio to prepare for a huge 2018, she will be performing at Lost Paradise, Field Day and Let Them Eat Cake festivals over the New Year.