Live Review: Enter Murlo's animated world in 'Tired of You'

26 April 2017 | 8:33 am | Holly O'Neill

Grimey producer MURLO has slithered out of the woodwork to release a banging track called 'Tired of You' with hand animated visuals from the man himself.

Grimey producer MURLO has slithered out of the woodwork to release the first taste of his incoming EP Club Coil, a banging track called 'Tired of You'. The producer has always been very involved his releases, in the past creating custom 3D visuals for his last EP, creating a lot of his own artwork (including press shot above!), and with this release he's pushed it even further by hand animating a gorgeous dystopic landscape for him to soundtrack.

The video shows a dust storm engulfing a futuristic city, and mysterious snippets of the stories of people living there. Showing experiments gone awry, flowy dream sequences and even the mundanities of life, Murlo's unique animation style helps tell his story. The snippets are a bit confusing but this clip seems to be one piece of a larger puzzle and that hopefully we can put together as the EP is released. The subject matter of the video, paired with the fluid-like animation sequences, mirrors the track in that it is whimsical but still has a darker edge to it.

Production wise, this track is a step up for Murlo, still retaining his particular sound and favoured synthy presets while bringing a larger and harder sound. Of course the drum work is incredible, with a grime inspired beat featuring a variety of tactile samples hitting everywhere the synths don't. The track is full of opposing forces, hard and soft at the same time, like the sweet arpeggios fluttering over a heavy bassline.

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We're holding our breath till the release of Club Coil through Mixpak on May 15th when we will get to hear five more tracks, hopefully with more intricate visuals. With his specific vision and idiosyncratic sound, Murlo we'll never get 'Tired of You'.