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Live Review: Moses Sumney shows another side in ‘Indulge Me’

14 September 2017 | 7:48 am | Lloyd Crackett

'Indulge Me' is the third single from Moses Sumney before his debut album Aromanticism drops on September 22nd to absolutely slam your heart out

‘Indulge Me’ is now the third single from MOSES SUMNEY before the release of his debut album, Aromanticism. Previous single releases, ‘Quarrel’ and ‘Doomed’, immediately garnered praise world-wide for their emotional depth and expansive use of Sumney’s soulful voice and yet again, he has delivered and with the right message. ‘Indulge Me’. Do it before his album drops and you won't be sorry.

Moses Sumney is cataloguing loneliness, it’s apparent even without the stark album title, Aromanticism (not nasal–inclined romance but the absence of romance altogether). His first single, ‘Doomed’ asked if lonely was the way he was to live and die, while ‘Quarrel’ introduced a sense of fire, a fight to be had. Now, ‘Indulge Me’ shows a new kind of tenderness, a simpler question, one often asked without the question mark and from the lonely - Indulge me.

Moses Sumney’s third single is much quieter, acoustic and lyrically smaller than his previous singles. Focusing around the strumming of an acoustic guitar and the incredible range of his voice, there is only one verse other than the repetitions of ‘Indulge Me’. The starting and ending lines however, provide intriguing context to the song; ‘All my old lovers have found others/All my old others have found lovers’. Moses' use of lover/other as separate names for partners breathes a new dimension into his forthcoming body of work. Aromancitism will be a stark yet dense look into the way in which people interact, as others, as lovers and as the people who blur the lines.

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It's truly an ambitious project, in a time in which global morale is low, to take to the heart of romance and to explore the confining nature of love but, through Sumney's proven lyricism, vocal abilities and all round ability to produce stellar music - no one could be better suited to provide what will surely be a defining album of 2017.

Aromanticism by Moses Sumney is out Friday September 22

on Jagjaguwar via Inertia Music