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Live Review: Fall in love with Mickey Kojak's super chilled vibe in new video for 'Watch Me Drown'

15 January 2018 | 7:53 pm | Camilla Patini

Sydney's MICKEY KOJAK returns with a brand new video for 'Watch Me Drown', taken from his 'Surrender' EP, complete with trippy effects and a poncho.

MICKEY KOJAK's latest EP, Surrender, is the culmination of a year's worth of hard work – and it shows. Having spent the most part of 2017 touring with MOTEZ and playing shows overseas, Kojak is now back this year with new content in the form of a video clip for Surrender's second track, 'Watch Me Drown'. Its awesome visuals, created with the team at yeahsure, feature a very wet Kojak in a shower room, wearing a plastic poncho over his usual clothes. The video is pretty trippy, with colourful projections and some well and truly funky visual effects, possessing all the hallucinogenic highs of an acid trip. Reflecting the song's chilled out vibe, it's a video you're not going to want to miss.

In 'Watch Me Drown', Kojak digs deep into what sounds heavily like introspection, with the song's lyrics centring on what we can assume is Kojak's own tumultuous relationship with himself. It's a penetrating record, a song to chill out to but also a song for drowning your sorrows to, infused as it is with a kind of overbearing melancholy which some might find depressing.

Clocking in at three and a half minutes, 'Watch Me Drown' opens with some fairly heavy, slightly reverb-y piano chords, and then moves into the first verse, pared back and marked by a dense atmosphere. Next up comes the drop, on which this song absolutely delivers. The hook is moody yet engrossing. I especially love the build-up to the second drop; it's all layers and layers of twinkling shimmers, fused to a deep bassline – and just listen to those synths!

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'Watch Me Drown' is pretty captivating in spite of its somewhat numbing sound. The melody is one that grows on you until you find yourself replaying the song again and again, one time after another. What a tune!

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Words by Camilla Patini