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Live Review: There's something fishy about Mall Grab's latest vid

7 February 2017 | 8:21 am | Abbey Lenton

Throwing it right back to the 1990s and infused with House, there is something fishy about Mall Grab's 'Catching Feelings' music video.

Throwing it right back to the 1990s, there is something fishy about MALL GRAB's 'Catching Feelings' music video. Playing back to back gigs, the Australian house producer's lo-fi tunes are attracting high-hitting numbers online. His latest release is 'Catching Feelings', and its accompanying music video belongs to another world and another time.

Set in an aquarium, this music video is what neon dreams are made of. Glitchy and static, Mall Grab makes us feel like our year 3 teacher has wheeled in the VHS for Science Week.

'Catching Feelings' is dreamy with a percussive crunch. Unashamedly house, the song puts everything it has into its cool and collected melody. "He don't even know my name," the electronica slows right down and makes way for a cool and smooth voice. Quiet and pensive, the voice feels as if we are intruding on the private phone call of a young woman. And the video tells us exactly that. Scaling the aquarium, melancholy looks all the more intriguing through the glass of a fish tank.

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'Catching Feelings' makes a modern and progressive step forward by using retrospect, and it feels so very refreshing. The growing following behind Mall Grab shows that there really is a place for these kind of jams. For a producer so young, Mall Grab is so good at a throwback.