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Live Review: Lucy Sugerman proves she's one to watch with 'i wanna kiss boys cos i'm bored'

26 November 2020 | 11:45 am | Emma Jones

As far as first impressions go, they don't get much better than Lucy Sugerman's debut single, 'i wanna kiss boys cos i'm bored'!

As far as first impressions go, they don't get much better than this. 19-year-old Lucy Sugerman is coming through with a hot contender for one of this year's most exciting debut singles this week with the indie pop gem 'i wanna kiss boys cos i'm bored', and some equally gorgeous, self-directed visuals in case we weren't quite hooked enough as it is.

Melding together her influences which include her Vietnamese heritage, her songwriting heroes from the 60s and 70s, bedroom pop and her everyday experiences of modern love and life, Sugerman possesses a musicality far beyond her 19 years. Deeply personal while still entirely relatable, she shines so brightly on her retro-tinged pop single, complete with an anthemic hook, heavenly vocals and a driving guitar line to really get you moving.

Co-written and produced with Hauskey and MUKI, while Sugerman's 'i wanna kiss boys...' starts off sassy, it unfolds cautiously revealing a much deeper level of self-reflection and introspection, speaking to the strength of Lucy as a songwriter, collaborator and storyteller.

Lucy said of her single, “As we all tend to do at some point or another, I went through a long period of seeing other people solely to try and get over an ex. It’s safe to say, it didn’t help and left me feeling quite hollow afterwards every time."

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"It’s something I experienced on both sides, a worrying amount of times - I’d be telling someone I don’t want anything serious, and they’d say the same, and then for some twisted reason, we’d end up talking about our exes. Feelings are weird. ‘i wanna kiss boys cos i’m bored’ explores the concept of those kind of rebound relationships in a bit of cheeky and tongue-in-cheek way, and how they really (unfortunately) do not work for me."

Having already played live alongside Nicole Millar and Ali Barter, and has collaborated with Alex Lahey, Dustin Tebbutt, LANKS, Dylan Nash and Joel Quatermain, it seems it's all systems go for Lucy Sugerman. Watch the clip below:

Words by Emma Jones

Image: Supplied