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Live Review: Lucianblomkamp's 'Come To Light' packs a punch

12 July 2019 | 9:59 am | Caitlin Medcalf

Last time we heard from LUCIANBLOMKAMP, he'd been drip feeding us his third record, Sick Of What I Don't Understand, in three parts, the last part coming to us in October last year. Since then, he's had his head down, writing new music for himself and writing and producing for a whole bunch of other artists around town too, including sounds from Teischa, Ojikae and Future Classic's latest signee Jeida Woods.

'Come To Light' is his latest single, and when considered in the context of his creativity, it feels clear that this has been a period of intense growth and creativity for him.

"'Come To Light' was basically written in one night, which is really out of character for me. I typically spend months slowly but surely going back to older ideas, chipping away at different sections. The timing was particularly ironic seeing as the track was written directly after hiring out a studio with the intention of recording new music," he said.

"So despite the fact I’d spent the previous 6-12 months slowly coming up with new ideas, then recording them in a beautiful studio, the track I did in a few hours at home with basically no revisions is now my lead single. Wild stuff! Goes to show, never try at anything. The less effort that’s put in, the better the results."

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Pairing is signature, dreamy production flair with crisp, trap-inspired percussion, his voice sits hauntingly atop the instrumental in the most soul-crushing way. The mix of sounds explored in this particular track creates a diverse palette, one that pushes and pulls between the track's themes of self-assurance and trusting that things will work out they way they should.

He's also put together a clip to accompany the track, fully-realised by Lucianblomkamp himself. It sees him singing the track to the camera, the camera slowed to make the impactful points as punchy as they could be in a slow-mo video. As various points in the chorus hit, a punch is thrown from off camera into his face, his demeanour and flow never wavering.

Lucianblomkamp is currently in the most fruitful, creative period in his career, as reflected in his work behind the scenes and in 'Come To Light'.