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Live Review: Lonelyspeck makes a dazzling return with new single & clip, ‘My Angel Goes Before Me’

13 August 2019 | 12:11 pm | Michael Stratford Hutch

Adelaide-based singer-songwriter, producer and visual artist, Lonelyspeck has returned with their first new material since 2017’s Lave EP.

Adelaide-based singer-songwriter, producer and visual artist Sione Teumohenga, AKA LONELYSPECK has returned with their first new material since 2017’s Lave EP. The spectacular ‘My Angel Goes Before Me' is the first taste of their ambitiously genre-bending third release, in development since 2018, and due in 2019 via Good Manners Records.

Incorporating formative musical influences from 2000's metal and alternative rock to the hyper-pop of Charli XCX and SOPHIE, this new material investigates "being unable to fit into traditional narratives, and the process of unpacking and transcending those narratives to find one’s truth".

Of the new single, Lonelyspeck states:

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"A thought I’ve found comforting during hard times has been visualising my future self as existing somewhere out there in the future, having gotten through whatever I’m going through right now. When I’m in a better place I like to think about it from the other way around, that I can be the one sending strength back to my past self to get through those periods."

"I imagine a big cycle between all my selves from all points in time, where we are all keeping each other going. My Angel Goes Before Me is a fantastical representation of that dialogue between different temporal selves. It’s about looking to the future self as this kind of guardian angel who leads the way, but also reminding myself that at all stages I will still be human and have rough periods, and that’s okay."

The track's release is accompanied by a glistening music video, created by Lonelyspeck, depicting the guardian angel relationship that the track revolves around. With such a stunning debut of new material, in such a confident new direction, we're already eagerly awaiting Lonelyspeck's next beam of light - here's hoping it comes soon.