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Live Review: LEWIS CANCUT takes us to Tokyo with Tigarah for 'Say Ok'

13 September 2016 | 1:29 pm | Natalie Palmer

The daring LEWIS CANCUT has hit the streets of Tokyo with Tigarah to film electro-pop rap piece, 'Say Ok'.

The daring LEWIS CANCUT has hit the streets of Tokyo with Tigarah to film electro-pop rap piece, 'Say Ok'.

Released earlier this year via NLV Records, the poppy song features a bouncy base, layered beats and synths as well as Tigarah's catchy chorus and rap. A futuristic feel to the electronic-pop scene, the collaboration involved help from Japanese friend and engineer, Ryu Kawashima.

Cancut draws upon central elements to his electronic-dance style and infuses elements of J-pop with Tigarah's vocals. He describes the song as “the first of a series of tracks which Tigarah and I wrote and recorded together in Tokyo, inspired by the idea that pop music, particularly pop music in Japan can still be powered by a kind of rampant optimism and joyfulness."

The video entails a girl group style formation walking through the streets of the Golden Gai and others in Shinjuku. Saturated in pastel pinks and purples, as well as the fluorescents of street and building lights, the video is bright, lively and oh so Tokyo. Watch the lively dance track here!

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In anticipation for Lewis Cancuts' debut EP, Indoor Rainforestthe legend has also released a pretty little remix package of 'Say Ok' to have a listen to!

Words by Natalie Palmer