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Live Review: Leisure share video for their track 'Got It Bad'

9 December 2016 | 8:35 am | Lauren Payne

Leisure release an eerie new video ahead of their SOSUEME show at Bondi's Beach Road Hotel.

New Zealand band LEISURE have always been one of our favourites. With a sound that cannot be replicated, the band have a voice that resonates through the amazing tracks. The band have just released a new music video for their track 'Got It Bad' and we can already tell that you're gonna love it.

The track itself is very chilled out. With a light beat and airy vocals, it gives off an almost eerie vibe when as it slowly eases in. Airy synths over behind the twangy guitars and the vocals echo along like a ghost between each note. There is a subtle groove to the track too and even a little bit of funk can be heard as 'Got It Bad' continues on it's merry way. It's minimalist funk, at it's very best.

The video is a tad eerie as well, but is kind of also magnetic in a way. The band introduce the clip by explaining, "With the world in it's current state of flux, sometimes we just need to switch off and float away from it all," which is exactly what their clip allows us to do, switch off and escape from it all. We watch as the camera moves slowly around various scenes showing children, young teens and adults frozen in their own worlds. It showcases the different situations where someone may want to just relax and it makes you feel relaxed too, just by looking at it.

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Leisure picked the perfect time to release this clip, not only because the world is currently in such chaos, but also because they're heading over to Aus! The band are playing SOSUEME at Bondi's Beach Road Hotel and it's gonna be big. It's free entry too so get down there early to make sure you don't miss out on seeing these guys play.

SOSUEME ft. Leisure, Walker & Royce

December 14

Beach Road Hotel, Bondi Beach

Free Entry

Words by Lauren Payne