Live Review: PREMIERE: LALKA cuts through the noise with debut single, 'Dare You To Love Me'

14 August 2017 | 5:21 pm | Staff Writer

Artists such as GRIMESFKA TWIGS and BANKS have undeniably inspired wave after wave of artists. Their overflowing creativity and individuality sparked attempts around the world to try and harness their style and repurpose it as others' own. So, with a whole lot of white noise around, how do you cut through the cacophony to make your voice heard? It seems LALKA has the secret.

Premiering today on Purple SneakersLALKA shares her debut single, 'Dare You To Love Me.' Unapologetic, unafraid and unstoppable, LALKA plays with fire here with her relentless dance breaks and off-kilter vocals, entrancing her audience to dare to love her. A classical musician by trade, LALKA empowers herself with this pop dystopian track, and with its accompanying visuals, creates a sound loud enough to be heard no matter how loud the white noise is.

Speaking of the track, LALKA said the inspiration for the song was "observations from an outsider; an emotional response to the political and social climate we find ourselves in," revealing she began writing this on the day President Donald Trump announced the travel ban on seven Muslim-majority countries to the US.

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Taking inspiration from her favourite films such as Pan's Labyrinth and Neon DemonLALKA further amplifies the edgy and unpredictable nature of her track in this clip. Full of strong images, erratic dance moves and utterly mesmerising scenes, LALKA does more than perform in this clip - she commands it. Flanked by a slew of her girlfriends, LALKA worked with a solely female team also comprised of BROADER LINES, Jessalee Malloch for styling, hair and makeup and Sophia Dique for videography. The result speak for itself really. 

As far as debut singles go, 'Dare You To Love Me' is more than just an entry notice into the music world - it's a warning shot. We can't wait to hear more.

Image via Broader Lines photography

Words by Emma Jones