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Live Review: Ladi6 give a healthy helping of colour & cool vibes with their 'Diagonals' clip

4 November 2018 | 11:10 am | Caitlin Medcalf

It's customary for a track by New Zealand's LADI6 to absolutely make you want to move, with their trademark tinges of soul infused electronica. But their new one 'Diagonals' adds a new dimension of exploration to not only their sound, but their visual aesthetic too.

On first watch of the 'Diagonals' video, their previous clip for 'Beffy', a geometric pastel haven, springs to mind. But 'Diagonals' combines both dance and a keen eye for 80's visuals to add a new dimension of fluid movement to this one.

Ladi's unmistakeable vocals really drive this track, taking it to a distinctive pop place that transcends modern soul genre conventions. Working with the group's three producers - ParksJulie Dyne and Brandon Haru, they've really used this one to celebrate all that is skewed and twisted.

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It's a track for the non-conformers and those that embrace the unconventional. It's a quick peek into what we can expect from the group's full length record which is set to drop sometime in the later part of 2019.

The clip takes the best part of the 80's nostalgia embedded within the track and completely visualises that. Animated by Robert Wallace of Parallel Teeth, I think it's really cool to see the group coming back around to a really hyper-visual aesthetic, especially with their added use of dancers to really contemporise this one.

Expect huge pops of kaleidoscopic colour working harmoniously with the infectious melody of this one and you've got yourself a massive dose of the best of Ladi6.