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Live Review: Past and present combine in Mookhi's new video 'Lacunae'

17 May 2017 | 7:07 am | Holly O'Neill

After the release of her 'Lost & Found' EP, Mookhi has singled out another track and taken it to a new level with a found footage music video for 'Lucunae'

After the release of her Lost & Found EP, Mookhi has singled out another track and taken it to a new level with a found footage music video. 'Lacunae' the title of the new single, means an unfilled space, and the song reflects this with wistful loops in the production and thought provoking images in the visual.

The track itself is a juxtaposition of old and new, mixing obscure samples and detuned sounds with a fresh, part atmospheric part electronic production. "I used modern techniques to synthesise sounds, but purposely treated them to capture an old, tattered, barely-in-tune vibe," She says of the final product, and you can tell this idea also influenced the creation of the clip.

Assembled by Mookhi herself and created from a collage of archival 33mm film reels, the video heightens the mood of the track. Everything is black and white, a little grainy and seemingly unrelated, as a mish mash of images bombard the screen. Apparently searching for hours through this footage, of course Mookhi has loaded this vid with symbolism and in return it requires a bit of thoughtful viewing.

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Perhaps the unfilled space Mookhi is referring to with this song and video is ambivalence towards social injustice whether it be poverty, animal cruelty, militarisation or harmful social constructs, and that these issues aren't just modern afflictions. It's up to us to glean our own interpretation from this onslaught of images and think about how we can fill our internal space with more positivity and activity.

In the coming months we're due to see another EP from Mookhi and hopefully more music vids. If you want to catch her live make sure you head to the Women In Electronic Music Showcase, as a part of Vivid or if you managed to cop Splendour tix (lucky) make sure you find a spot front and centre for her slot.