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Live Review: MID-WEEK VIDEO WRAP: KUCKA, Jennifer Loveless, bambi and more

21 October 2020 | 2:55 pm | Emma Jones

We've narrowed down just a handful of our favourite new videos we reckon you need in your life this week from KUCKA to Jennifer Loveless and more.

There has been a metaphorical tonne of new videos out recently, so we've narrowed it down to just a handful of our favourites to feast your eyes upon. For more new music, check out our Best Songs of The Week playlist, #TrustedForTaste!

KUČKA - Ascension

KUČKA returns with another release of what's been described as "digital soul" — an emotive fusion of percussion-led RnB and artistic electronica guided by her gentle, fragile vocals. The single in question is 'Ascension', and is one of our favourites of hers yet. Anchored by intricate and peculiar production, 'Ascension' features an earworm of a hook and is complete with meticulous breakdowns, glowing atmospherics and KUČKA's absolutely gorgeous vocals. All about "the continual growth that we are all undertaking at every stage of our life," according to KUČKA, 'Ascension' is a textbook example of what makes her such a brilliant artist. The accompanying visuals meet the high standard of the single itself, depicting a game played by KUČKA focusing on the path to inner enlightenment as she collects crystal balls and levels up along the way. According to KUČKA, the clip "emphasises our interconnectedness and the depth we can feel through a digital network." It's immersive, interactive and so great to watch. There's no denying there's something seriously special about KUČKA!

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Jennifer Loveless - 1.5m

Jennifer Loveless has shared her first ever music video for her new release, '1.5m'. Serving as a direct response to the new world we all find ourselves in in a COVID-19 world, the song itself is a percussive-led slice of electronic, with gentle whirs and ethereal synths floating above a persistent beat which speaks to the duality many are experiencing in isolated times: we're in it together, but more apart than ever. The light and dark elements within the track speak to this reality, amplifying this simultaneous alienation and solidarity. The video brings this to light even further and is a reply to livestreams, TikTok dances and isolation. Loveless said of the video, "“There is a sort of sombre feeling that comes when you realise the disempowerment. I found COVID-19 a very literal example of this. Shit is falling apart and all we can do is stay home, stay idle. ‘1.5m’ captures this feeling, but also replaces it with something positive. Despite everything, we can still dance and experience unity. The TikTok challenges raised a lot of eyebrows, but they also brought people together in a beautiful way despite the restrictions of COVID-19. You might say that’s not much, but it is. It’s a big green tick for mental health, entertainment and socialisation; all things that don’t get much air time in the realm of economic aid, and yet, are a major reason why isolation is so debilitating.” It brings together some of Melbourne's most exciting creatives, using safe social distancing to show exceptional dancers perform the same choreography as each other but dancing alone in different settings. '1.5m' is a provocative, emotive track and video, and is yet another example of Jennifer Loveless' vastly refined and crystalised artistry. This one will stay with you long after its finished.

bambi - élan vital

bambi aka Dominic Simper has released the visuals for his unfolding track, 'élan vital'. Teaming up with Kristofski for directing duties, the clip was captured on film in New Zealand and Los Angeles, with the latter location directed via FaceTime and is the perfect visual accompaniment to the gentle cascading sounds of 'élan vital', which is roughly translated to "life force". Simper said of the clip, "The video is a not so subtle homage to a Shirley Clarke short from the 50's titled A Moment in Love. What struck me the most was the way the energy and movement of the dancers blended with the natural environment - in some ways perfectly encapsulating the concept behind the track. Kristofski, whose work I've adored for years, was an obvious choice in terms of putting it together." One of many highlights from his unfolding EP, Simper's bambi project saw him pay tribute to his love of Japanese new age music, 60’s and 70’s European film soundtracks and 20th century classical minimalism, and is a truly stunning record we highly recommend.

Kota Banks & Ninajirachi - True North

Released alongside the news that a collaborative EP is on the way of the same name, Kota Banks & Ninajirachi have given their explosive track the visual treatment. A fittingly immersive trip down the rabbit hole, the 'True North' video was captured using 360 footage from a hired GOPro Max, and was directed, filmed and edited by Nina, Kota Banks and Tiff Williams, the pair’s frequent creative collaborator. As the track picks up in intensity, so too do the visuals as they twist, turn and warp on screen while Kota and Nina run around a serene park wearing long white gowns and white ribbons in their hair. It's another stellar addition to the world of True North, following the release of second single 'Opus'. The True North EP is set to feature seven tracks and will showcase the very best each artist has to offer. We are so bloody keen!

Words by Emma Jones

Images: KUČKA - Supplied, Jennifer Loveless - Supplied, bambi - Greg Lewis, Kota Banks & Ninajirachi - Tiff Williams