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Live Review: Kllo's 'Downfall' video beautifully balances progression and nostalgia

27 September 2017 | 9:20 am | Jackson Langford

Sometimes, the hope for our future and the clinging to our past delivers an uncomfortable hurricane of emotions inside of us. As we focus our gaze to a rose-coloured tomorrow, the bright memories and innate nostalgia creeps up on us, wanting to snatch our thoughts to a time we've already experienced. This gives us a fearsome ultimatum - would we rather have nothing but old memories, or only keep your eyes on new ones? It is that very daunting and existential concept that KLLO explore in their gorgeous new clip for 'Downfall.'

Taken from their upcoming debut full-length record BackwaterKllo's 'Downfall' is a subdued yet glittering pop moment that's reminiscent of a Grimes deep cut. It's so magical it seems unreal, as each sparkling synth washes over your body with unbelievable golden hues. Similarly, the video reflects that entirely. Juxtaposing the urban monochrome of Melbourne - representative of Kllo's present and future and the place they need to escape - with the rainbow of vivid colour of the band's freedom and release from hostile feelings in the Sunshine Coast. It's a simple visual for an infinitely complex concept, but Kllo have conquered it seamlessly.

Of the video, director Freya Esders makes note of the importance of letting go. "'Downfall' explores the need isolate, to return to the familiar in order to let go. I wanted to visually explore the warmth and comfort that only a nostalgic environment can provide and how that sense of emotional isolation is represented in the surrounds. The cane fires are a pungent part of my childhood memory. I recall afternoons where sickly sweet air would spill from a fast and brilliant blaze. Always at dusk, flames melting into sunsets. Using film for the project helped solidify what I'd hoped to evoke, a saturated, vibrant memory and in the clip, a finale about letting go and moving forward."

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Not only are Kllo moving forward; they're moving right to the top. Their debut album, Breakwater, is out October 20 via Good Manners Records/Caroline AustraliaGhostly International and Different Recordings. Preorder here.