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Live Review: Kllo embody introspection and change on 'Candid'

28 November 2018 | 10:45 am | Max Lewis

Melbourne electronic duo Kllo present their most honest track yet with 'Candid', a downtempo ode to keeping true to yourself when it's most important.

Fresh from a massive 80 show international tour, Melbourne electronic duo KLLO have dropped their second single of the year with 'Candid' - a downtempo and contemplative cut of electronic pop that is as refreshingly honest as the name suggests. It drops alongside a fittingly lo-fi video shot during their tour in Seoul, filmed by local filmmaker Moon Taerim.

Known for minimal and brooding electronic pop with notes of R&B, Kllo have enjoyed worldwide love since their 2017 debut album BACKWATER. 'Candid' is their first taste of new music since 'Potential' earlier in the year, and according to singer Chloe, stands as one of their most personal and introspective songs yet: "It is inspired by a personal experience I had (most of our songs are) but this time it's done with a lot more strength and perseverance. Not compromising, not being 'so nice' in my reaction to an uncomfortable experience. Just being as candid as I can and deserve to be. It's understanding the power of my words, which is something new to me and the fundamental key to my happiness."

At the core of 'Candid' is woozy synth chords powered by the cracks of slick hip-hop adjacent percussion that anchor the smooth and soulful vocals. The stark minimalism works wonders to heighten the impact of those moments where the low-end booms with melancholy bass and layers of vocals mix with reverb-soaked synths, as though the track is having an out-of-body experience before coming back to reality.

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Filmed while on tour in Korea by Moon Taerim, the video interprets the themes of the track in a neat way that also builds on the Kllo's unique visual aesthetic. Oozing with DIY style, the video presents grainy handheld handicam footage of the duo exploring the sights of Seoul, capturing neon-soaked shopfronts, kaleidoscopic gardens and bleary traffic jams. It's as candid as the title suggests, with graphics of the camera's face-detection interposing shapes over the duo's faces during intimate closeups. With the video and music in tandem, 'Candid' stands as one of the most confronting and important tracks yet from a duo known for their hard-hitting music.


Words by MAX LEWIS