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Live Review: Kira Puru drops endearing video for 'Tension' + announces Aussie Tour

15 December 2017 | 3:33 pm | Max Lewis

Kira Puru has released an endearing video her goth-disco single 'Tension' directed by Tanzer, as well as headline tour dates for Sydney and Melbourne.

Off the back of her killer 'goth-disco' single, 'Tension', multi-disciplinary artist Kira Puru has dropped a goofy visual accompaniment, alongside her announcement of headline shows in Melbourne and Sydney next march.

Directed by musician and DJ Tanzer, the video depicts an all-too familiar situation for a night out - you spot someone cute across the dancefloor and you try to get their attention without embarrassing yourself. Dressed like a mix between comedian Sam Simmons and every Dad circa 1973, Steven Luzuriaga plays a dork-ish man intent on impressing his crush, Kira Puru herself. What follows is a montage of cringeworthy dance moves, interposed with the dancer's apparent fantasy of how he sees himself. The video captures both the wooziness of a night out and dream-like reality, with shots full of blinding light and colour as the man dances in his own world with everyone else oblivious.

Having seen countless videos of people dancing to 'Tension', the artist wanted a video that evoked that as well as the tracks themes of chemistry between two people. Equal parts endearing and silly, the video achieves that and then some. It's a creative interpretation of the catchy single, and pretty par for the course with the unique and energising way Kira Puru performs.

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Alongside the video, Kira Puru also shared the news today that she's inked a booking deal with FALCONA and has dropped two dates of headline shows in Sydney and Melbourne for March 2018 - check out the dates and details below!