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Live Review: Kimchi Princi commands her culture in 'Diaspora Doll'

10 May 2018 | 11:57 am | Holly O'Neill

Sydney's own poetess KIMCHI PRINCI returns on 'Diaspora Doll' a club pop exploration of her relationship with her identity and the cultural reaction to it.

It's been almost two years since we've seen a music video from Sydney's own KIMCHI PRINCI. The poetess always has a keen eye for the visual side of her club pop project, distilling her own culture, identity and life as a millennial through her lyricism and symbolism. Now ahead of her debut LP Princi, she's released the track and video for 'Diaspora Doll', a sonic and visual exploration of her complex relationship with who she is and the wider cultural reaction to her heritage.

Linking up with Melbourne producer CORIN, the single is a complete experience that sees Princi's commanding vocals rule over the lush soundscape. This is the first collab Corin has done with a vocalist, and the partnership seems to have brought out a new side to the producer. The track's repeated bells and snappy percussion draw from Corin's world of dense composition, but are sparse enough to let Princi's sultry rhymes shine through.

For the stunning visuals she's teamed up with her sister and frequent collaborator DANIELLE KARLIKOFF. This is their fifth time teaming up for a music video, even getting a few shout outs in the lyrics along with a piece from the multitalented jeweller styled into every look. Shanghai based artist WIFIOVERMYBODY completed the strong team for directing, post production and editing the video alongside Karlikoff and Princi. Their combined vision sees Kimchi Princi solitary, strong and dressed like a street-styled superhero.

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Her commanding stare and hypnotising presence against the swirling bells of the production draw us in, but her ferocity shows she's not some placid doll and is proud of who she is. As she raps about eating white boys for breakfast and the simultaneous othering and fetishisation of her heritage in Western culture, she presents a jug of milk and lavishly swims in a bath full of it revelling in her own identity above it all.

'Diaspora Doll' is an intoxicating onslaught of experimental pop, with just the right amount of edge under a glossy sheen. If the calibre is this high for the opening single from Kimchi Princi's upcoming record, then you know what's to come on Princi is bound to blow our minds.

Photo by Marc Ressang

Words by Holly O'Neill