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Live Review: Jess Kent has a message for the haters in 'Trolls'

17 May 2017 | 7:02 am | Holly O'Neill

Jess Kent has cracked the pop formula. Every single release of hers has been fun and catchy as hell, her new track and video 'Trolls' is no different.

JESS KENT has cracked the pop formula. Every single release of her's has been fun and catchy as hell, and her new track and video 'Trolls' is no different. She's gained international notice and has already supported big names like TROYE SIVAN and COLDPLAY, and funnily enough this track was written before any of these huge cosigns but feels just as fully formed as a Top 40 jam.

Sing rapping over an 8-bit beat, Kent has an effortless flow topped off with smart wordplay and sassy delivery. The understated production allows the infectiously joyous vocals to shine through, contrasting the square robo chords of the verses with the almost vocal high pitched beeps of the chorus. You can already envision crowds grinning and pumping away to the chorus which is prime for singing along, complete with pounding bass at a BPM that's perfect for jumping around to.

For a track that's all about the haters, the video instead focusses on Kent and her obvious idgaf attitude towards them. She raps into the camera having more fun with friends than worrying about anonymous "demons in basements". Full of warm colours and smiles, this vid follows Jess Kent bounding alongside a few pals as they frequent the local shops.

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3D lenticular photos cut over the footage as she tells off the haters and has carefree fun at the grocer, electronics shops and the laundry. Through the vid Kent lives the message of the track, that regardless of the negativity other people send your way, you just have to continue being your unapologetic self.

For the time being, Jess Kent seems to be going under the radar when it comes to shows and releases but with such natural talent and charm we're sure to see more of this Aussie gal soon enough. Of course we'll be keeping our ears to the ground until then.