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Live Review: PREMIERE: Step back in time with Jackie Brown Jr's 'New Years Leave' video

13 August 2018 | 10:00 am | Emma Jones

If you take one part indie rock, one part 70s soul, five friends and mix it all together with a hefty dose of upbeat energy, you'll get Sydney band JACKIE BROWN JR - a five piece ready to make you feel good and dance, while having whole lot of fun themselves. With an EP coming out later this year, today we have the first look at their brand new video for 'New Years Leave' - a two-minute trip in a time machine.

Inspired by videos of bygone eras, the clip for 'New Years Leave' harks back to COUNTDOWN with its influences and effects. Filmed at several of the band's live shows and edited and animated by Alex Stevenson, it amplifies the band's 70s inspirations looking something like a video of early Easybeats - if The Easybeats were fronted by a woman and filmed in colour.

Written in an afternoon by the band as they were hanging out in a Melbourne AirBnb, it's a raucous toast to "those long hot summer days when all your friends have left for the holidays, you're doing absolutely nothing but having a fantastic time anyway." We all know that period between Christmas and New Year's Eve where time seems to kind of stand still but go into hyperdrive at the same time, no one really knows what day it is and it feels like you're stuck in limbo while building up in anticipation for the new year ahead, and it's this freefalling and nonchalant attitude that Jackie Brown Jr have so expertly harnessed in their single and video. Nothing's going on, but it's still all good.

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Tipped to really pick up speed with a whole lot more up their sleeves, Jackie Brown Jr are one Sydney band worth keeping both eyes firmly planted on for the rest of 2018!

Words by Emma Jones