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Live Review: Jack Grace announces new album, 'Turn To Something You Know’ alongside new single, 'Redemption'

20 May 2021 | 10:57 am | Parry Tritsiniotis

Alongside the single Jack Grace has announced the release of his debut album, ‘Turn To Something You Know’, out in July via Of Leisure.

Paris based, NSW bred Jack Grace has returned in 2021 by way of ‘Redemption’. While singles 'A Ribbon', 'The Pavement’ and ‘Daydreaming’ introduced audiences to the expansion of Jack Grace’s catalogue, ‘Redemption’ solidifies himself as a standout figure in Australia’s progressive songwriting circuit. Alongside the single Grace has announced the release of his debut full length album, ‘Turn To Something You Know’ out the 2nd of July out via Of Leisure.

‘Redemption’ can be best described as a journey like experience. The track delves deep into a sonic sphere of sentimental musicianship, one that packages melancholy with hints of pop, soul and indie wrapped brilliantly with a nostalgic exterior. A pulsating percussion line combines brilliantly with Jack Grace’s evocative vocal. While minimal, the tracks energy flourishes as it ages, with each element serving its purpose efficiently. On the creation of ‘Redemption’, Grace states, “I built the tune over a synth loop that sounded to me like highway noise. The story fell in and around that. I wrote the song out of hope for a connection through the search for redemption. I hope that out of the chaos and deconstructing we get a shot at redemption and begin some kind of a revival, soon.”

Accompanying the new single is the official video which was shot with Paris based production agency Septembre00 and shot in multiple locations in the south of France. The director Guillem Cruels, says on the video “I always loved to drive a car. I think that is a moment where your body is occupied driving and your mind travels through different thoughts or memories. When Septembre 00 and Jack proposed me to work on a project around the concept of 'Redemption' and the transition from darkness to light. I thought that it would be really interesting to use a car as a tool to move this character on a timeline, from darkness to the light and also through his feelings and sensations.”

The album, ‘Turn To Something You Know’ was created with deep rooted inspiration combining with a new and refreshed context. classic songwriting rooted in the everyday that draws on life through the lens of growing up in small towns and outer suburbs, and his own experience of moving from the vast rural landscapes of Australia to the cultural metropolis of Paris, losing and ultimately rediscovering a sense of self. “Around the end of my first year in France I had a moment where I realised I had inadvertently ripped the rug out from under my identity,” he recalls. “I went about trying to rebuild it and I made this record while I did that.”

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Image via Nick Prideaux