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Live Review: PREMIERE: Go on an adventure with Izy in their new video for 'Frantic'

4 March 2021 | 12:27 pm | Emma Jones

Naarm/Melbourne trio Izy take you into the world of inner city pressure with their new video for their latest single, 'Frantic'.

If you're not familiar with Naarm/Melbourne three-piece Izy (pron. eye-zee) just yet, their new single and video is the perfect introduction. Titled 'Frantic', it's the latest single off the band's forthcoming debut album, and is an impressive display of raw neo-soul, intricate musicality and the band's solid connection with each other, their families and their heritages.

Underpinned by a heaving groove, 'Frantic' moves along in an unpredictable and dynamic manner, with driving drums, soulful guitar licks and RnB vocals which evoke that of Prince or D'Angelo. It's unhurried in its nature, preferring to sit in that frenzied state of franticness and try to make sense of it instead of moving past it, and it's because of this it reels you in from the very first note. Izy are the masters of their domain, and their impressive musicianship, relatable observations and personal lyrics combine to make a seriously impressive offering.

Inspired by the frantic nature of life in urban settings as opposed to the release one might experience grooving to this very jam, 'Frantic' distills bassist and vocalist Warrego Tyrrell's struggles with life in the city and the disconnection experienced now as a young Indigenous man who was raised in a small town. The observations and reflections of seeing his cohabitants of one of Australia's biggest cities all rushing to their next destination without a spare thought for their surroundings or the people alongside them and the inner city pressure felt by many prompted the inspiration Tyrrell needed to begin to create 'Frantic'.

Izy said of the release, "We connected with our extended Far North family to create something on country that we share as feeling like one of many homes. We wanted to capture the franticness that carries within us from the damage of the inner city whiteness whilst remembering that home reminds us to take time to heal, dance and laugh."

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Both the band and their debut album, Irene, are named after Irene, one third of the band Ryo's paternal grandmother. She was an important source of comfort and support in the early years of the band's existence, and is a key part of why family is such a strong value for the trio. Warrigo's brother, Broden, is the unofficial fourth member of the band as well, joining the group to play percussion and provide backing vocals as well as in a live setting.

"We three are super blessed to share stories and when we connect, we amplify and respond to each other, which makes it easy to create music and get our message across for our family and our community," Izy said.

A first-class single from a band intent on carving out their own path, Izy prove with 'Frantic' they are one to watch. Check out the clip below, and if you're in Naarm/Melbourne, nab tickets to their album launch in April HERE.

Izy's debut album Irene is out March 26th.

Words by Emma Jones

Image: Wilk