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Live Review: Isadoré takes to the 'Sky' in sublime new video

22 January 2018 | 10:31 am | Max Lewis

Melbourne artist Isadoré has dropped a stunning video for her 2017 single 'Sky', featuring the sublime views of the South Asian landscape.

Starting off her 2018 right, Melbourne singer-songwriter ISADORÉ has dropped a stunning visual accompaniment for her soaring single 'Sky', taken from her 2017 EP, Fight or Flight.

'Sky' is one of those tracks so vivid you can see it in your head - the video, shot by Abhishek Samariya, does an impeccable job at bringing it to light. Through sweeping aerial shots, tight slow-motion closeups and uniquely angled tracking shots, Isadoré takes the viewer on a journey through vista after vista in South Asia. From the Thar desert, the Himalayas and the Kuldhara village in Rajasthan, the landscape is as much of a performer as Isadoré herself, who spends her time striking jaw-dropping tableaux against the setting sun, or simply absorbing the landscape, Sound of Music style. More impressive is how synced her captivating performance is with the visuals; as her voice soars in the chorus the camera treats us to glorious wide angles of Isadoré among nature, while the more intimate moments of the verses treat us to slower paced close ups and low angles.

Wide in scope and tight in reality, the video for 'Sky' does more than provide eye candy for cinematographers and nature fans alike. It expertly brings to life the track's elements of traditional music from Pakistan, Nepal and India that are blended effortlessly with the electronic production.

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Isadoré has already struck gold with this stunningly crafted video for 'Sky' - it's hard to imagine how she'll top herself next, but with the promise of more music on the way, somehow we think she'll manage.