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Live Review: Hundred Waters visit Bulgaria in 'Wave to Anchor' video

21 December 2017 | 7:59 am | Kyle Fensom

Hundred Waters visit Bulgaria to find a stunning visual encapsulation of their electro-folk blend in the new video for their single, 'Wave to Anchor'.

Floridian three-piece HUNDRED WATERS have finished their stunning 2017 by unveiling the equally stunning visuals for the latest single, taken from their recently released LP, Communicating.

Shot entirely on location in Bulgaria and featuring local dancers, bystanders and sheep, the video for ‘Wave to Anchor’ realises the otherworldly vocal performance of lead singer Nicole Miglis and Hundred Waters’ hypnotically dramatic arrangements through abstract dance routines.

Juxtaposing Miglis’ effervescent presence and performance against a backdrop of traditional Bulgarian villages, the video finds a striking visual representation for the indelible blend of folk and electronic music that Hundred Waters have created for themselves. In one scene, Miglis is be resplendent in a blue sequin jumpsuit, the next she’s walking through village streets in traditional garb. In the most stunning shot, however, she’s dressed in provincial-leaning couture as she stands in the middle of a cavernous barn, a flock of sheep swirling around her.

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Director Allie Avital’s camerawork is dynamic and showy but never distracting throughout, moving freely through the environment and rapidly cutting back and forth between dancers, the video matching the dancers’ kinetic energy with a sense of its own.

From dilapidated houses and dusty barns, the female dancers burst forth in scenes of independence as Miglis finally asserts her control in a crumbling relationship by casting herself as the titular anchor in the face of a destructive wave. After a patient build-up, the chorus takes over the entire second half of the song here, rising with house-tinged pianos, cascading synths and orchestral backing to impossibly higher climaxes.

Communicating by Hundred Waters is out now on Pod via Inertia Music - you can listen/purchase here.


IMAGE: Supplied