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Live Review: Just 'try' and not fall for Hatchie in her first music video

15 June 2017 | 10:20 pm | Lloyd Crackett

After creating an absolute hype storm after the release of her debut single, Hatchie is already back with the music video featuring Brisbane's Southbank

The great media machine of the world loves an ‘Overnight Sensation’. It’s horribly potent in today’s social media landscape; it only takes an artist to debut a track at the right time, in the right place, to the right people to shoot them up into music stratosphere. Off the back of HATCHIE’S debut single 'Try,' she has been labelled thusly but it just ain't quite true. Underneath the catchy Hatchie moniker is Harriette Pilbeam, and she’s been kicking it around the music industry for years both in beloved Babaganouj and The Go Violets (RIP). She may have been signed to three agencies worldwide almost immediately, but she isn’t an overnight sensation; she’s a hard-earned recipe for success.

‘Try’ is a track that finds voice amidst the shoegaze haze. It’s honest about its pop sensibilities and is great because of that. Hatchie is yet another act breaking out of the Brisbane indie-rock bubble and straight up honestly making pop music. It’s a solid move; every good indie rock song is a pop hook with 3 of your friends’ ideas for solidarity. Other acts would include Emerson Snowe (albeit being far left of centre of straight up pop), Confidence Man and Stevie. The music video is made by Joe Agius, lead singer of The Creases and also avid music video creator, responsible for Cub Sport’s ‘Come On Mess Me Up’ and The Creases ‘Everybody Knows’. He’s got an eye for simple but effective videos, capturing a less posed and carefree video for Hatchie.

‘Try’ follows Hatchie around Southbank in Brisbane (That Fake Left of The City Beach In Brisbane For Tourists Who Don’t Know Better). It’s all washed out and looks as if it was recorded on a camera lifted from the 90s. Many shots are staged and could simply be described as #aesthetic but that’s what makes it all so much fun; it’s poised but not posed, it’s directed but not staged.

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Hatchie is a pop sensation that’s been a long time coming, probably not outright but in the dreams of Harriette Pilbeam. She’s got her demos upon demos waiting, the wealth of knowledge from previous bands and well, the pipes and stripes to prove it. Hatchie’s most definitely one to watch and well, it’s going to be great.

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