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Live Review: 'Save Some Love' for HANDSOME with her endearing new video

26 March 2018 | 8:22 am | Max Lewis

Sydney artist HANDSOME has dropped a heartwarming video for her latest track 'Save Some Love' - telling a vital story of friends and self-love.

HANDSOME is a lot of things; it's a statement of defiance, self expression, creativity. It's an exploration of queerness, of strong friendships and falling in love. It's also the moniker for Sydney artist Caitlin Park, who creates what she calls "tomboy pop and brooding electronica." She's just dropped a beautiful video for her recent single 'Save Some Love', and announced her debut headline shows for Sydney and Melbourne.

'Save Some Love' follows from 'Late Night Ballgame' ft Joyride, a minimal electro-pop cut with notes of trap and alt-RnB. Alongside the touching video, it was the perfect introduction to HANDSOME's ethos and unique sound.

'Save Some Love' is lighter and bouncier yet still retains the minimal nature of its predecessor. Over pounding 707 beats and dense piano, layers of her vocals tell of the need for self-love in trying times. Dedicated to her cousin Russ who took his own life last year, it's an immensely powerful song that does a lot with it's minimal palette.

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The video accompaniment (directed by HANDSOME), takes these themes and brings it to a whole new level, with some absolutely phenomenal cinematography to boot. With Wong Kar-Wai-esque quirkiness, it shows HANDSOME's friends' heartwarming attempt to boost her up when she's feeling low. The presentation is refreshingly subtle: dialogue is shown through subtitles, and the camerawork is (almost) entirely static, letting you luxuriate in the gorgeous shots. As HANDSOME finds messages of love littered throughout her apartment, the subtitles translate them into different languages, "to project love as a global truth [and] to send a message to the queer community worldwide as a reminder that you are seen and you are loved."

It's only March and I think the video for 'Save Some Love' is going to be my favourite for the year. Not only is it a delight to look at, it's such a simple yet so well executed theme that makes my queer heart swell. With more music on the way this year, I can't wait to see what HANDSOME comes up with next. Given her track record, it's almost guaranteed to make me cry.

HANDSOME is also hitting up Sydney and Melbourne in celebration of 'Save Some Love' - check out the dates below and grab your tickets HERE!


Thursday 26 April

Lansdowne Hotel, Sydney

Friday 27 April

The Gasometer (Upstairs), Melbourne