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Live Review: Air Max 97 goes extreme on his remix of Gussy's 'Looking at Myself'

13 August 2016 | 2:33 pm | Aiden Benavides

Air Max 97 has put out not only a track but also a video of the song 'Looking at Myself' by Gussy.

Air Max 97's latest efforts see him share not only a remix of Gussy's 'Looking at Myself', but a video as well.

This take on the track is crazy compared to the original, full of feedback and random percussion sounds, Air Max 97's version is a distorted shadow of it's original. Everything about the original track has been changed up in a way to make it feel darker, while the main lead synth is still able to be heard it's underneath several layers of different distorted sounds. The vocals have also changed, now sounding almost ghost like, whilst the shift in pitch gives a wobble, so rather than sounding like singing, it sounds like something is haunting the track. I like how this track goes extreme with it's interpretation of the original track. Air Max 97 had a clear direction and they went for it.

The video features a person dancing in front of a mirror in a flashing room, but what makes this video interesting, at least to me, is the text going through the bottom which has a bunch of seemingly random sentences scrolling through. The video is a nice accompanying piece to the music and really helps sell the aesthetic.

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Words by Aiden Benavides