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Live Review: PREMIERE: Groove City get funky and creative for new clip 'This Evening'

9 October 2020 | 10:02 am | Claudia Fallon

Groove City are here to make sure you're grooving and moving your way out of 2020 venturing deep into yesteryear with 'This Evening'.

Bringing 70s disco vibes back to the present day, Groove City are here to make sure you're grooving and moving your way out of 2020 venturing deep into yesteryear. Based in Melbourne, the duo have been making the most of the strict stage-4 lockdown in Victoria, despite the absolute mess it has made in the music industry. With their new disco-pop single 'This Evening' released today, Groove City have shared an accompanying music video that forced the pair to think outside the box during these very restrictive times.

Entangling us in their vintage energy, the new video begins with groovy guitars riffs and twangy warped sounds that instantly transport us back in time. As their smooth vocals set in, the video begins with the boys experimenting with green screens to create moving effects on an iPhone lock screen. Made to be viewed on a phone, it's clear the boys had fun experimenting with effects placing themselves onto this phone screen as they begin to comically swipe away texts from an ex-partner in this upbeat heartbreak anthem. The video becomes very DIY with Groove City singing whilst on camera, dressed head to toe in their iconic velvet suits. Looking the part and always sounding smooth and groove-infused, the homemade video finishes on declined calls and slick dance moves, that casts this alternative outfit in a comedic and humorous light.

Staying true to their unique retro sound in this new track, the duo spoke about the creative process behind the song and their DIY style video, "'This Evening' was birthed during the second lockdown in Melbourne and was one of those songs where it came together super fast. Being kept under such strict restrictions forced us to be extra creative with the visuals… which is where the iPhone concept came from."

"Finishing this track also got us excited again, it really reignited that creative flame, and we have been busy in the studio ever since which has felt incredible. Keen for everyone to see what's next."

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With the Victorian lockdown forcing Groove City to remain productive in the studio releasing a 3-track cover EP titled, Survival, the duo are now ready to share this punchy new single to eager fans. Creating infectious vibes as soon as they enter the room, this duo are sure to impress with this absolute tune 'This Evening'.


Image: Supplied