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Live Review: Let Golden Vessel take you to the sunny suburbs with his new clip for 'Tell The-Girl'

26 March 2017 | 2:56 pm | Lauren Payne

The amazing Golden Vessel has just released a visually stunning new music video for his latest single, 'Tell The-Girl' and it's hypnotic!

GOLDEN VESSEL gets us excited. Very excited.

After only a short time, the Brisbane-based producer has made his mark on the electronic scene by releasing some smooth, original tracks and some wonderfully creative mixes. His latest single, 'Tell The-Girl', has just been released and you should probably prepare yourself for this amazing piece of work. It's going to make you feel warm, relaxed, excited and just plain giddy.

'Tell The-Girl' features the wonderful vocals of Emerson Leif and has so many great elements to it that I have no clue where to begin! The deep, smooth and chopped melody at the beginning of the track creates a very cooling atmosphere, so even after listening to the track for only a few seconds, you feel like you're in a very refreshing place. When the beat begins, then things start to get a bit more energetic as the vocals take us on a journey through the mind of a love-struck guy who just doesn't need "a reason to love you".

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This track was released as a music video and let me tell you, this is where things get even more interesting. Not only do we have 'Tell The-Girl' as a brilliant backing track, but the video is colour blocking at its finest. At least in the beginning anyway. The video opens up on a suburban street where everyone wears a different shade of yellow. The mustard and golden shades create a sense of conformity and shows life in a way that is repetitive and slow. Then, when night falls, the mustards blend together into one large pool of movement as the suburban crew get together on an inner-city rooftop and move to Golden Vessel's hypnotic sound.

If you find yourself in Brisbane this week, Golden Vessel's hometown, you may want to drop by Black Bear Lodge. The producer will be debuting an audio-visual experience that "tell interesting stories, add new context and are designed to move in sync with each new track".

Is there anything this guy can't do?


March 31 - Black Bear Lodge, Brisbane


Words by Lauren Payne