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Live Review: Gnightz doesn't care what you think in her new video for 'Unfollow Me'

1 August 2017 | 7:42 am | Holly O'Neill

Brisbane rapper/singer/producer GNIGHTZ has just released a music video for her most recent tune 'Unfollow Me'. After putting together a number of well dressed pals for the clip, she can now add a new slash to her repertoire: music video director.

Her production always sits on the more minimal side balancing simplicity with nostalgic samples and tongue in cheek lyrics. 'Unfollow Me' follows in the same vein, with an 8-bit beat produced in a sweet trap style. The track really shows her songwriting prowess and she crafts a twinkling ear worm of a melody. It ties in perfectly with Gnightz' clever rhymes and laid back delivery on top.

In the video, Gnightz and her squad of hype women are a pop of colour in a drab sports ground. Surrounded by a solid girl gang, she raps away in a bright pink jumpsuit dancing and delivering her cheeky rhymes. Her energy is contagious, fluidly dancing to her beat with her friends. Also keep a keen eye out for some key members of the squad: doggos.

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The DIY ethos of the clip is endearing, if you didn't already like Gnightz for her sick beats and rapping then you'd instantly be drawn to her idgaf attitude. But if not, that's fine too; she wouldn't really be fussed anyway, saying in her lyrics if you don't make an effort to keep up with her, make sure to keep it that way. She's busy unapologetically doing her and having fun with her friends and a few puppy dogs.

'Unfollow Me' is the second offering we've heard from Gnightz this year and shows she has a clear grasp on her own unique style. Bringing a totally new energy to Australian rap, there really isn't anyone to compare her to. Gnightz says it best herself, "If this was a game, I already won".