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Live Review: PREMIERE: Geryon shares stunning new video for 'Ghost'

7 December 2017 | 11:02 am | Emma Jones

Naarm/Melbourne multi-instrumentalist, producer and performer GERYON creates music that's self-described as "devcore", meaning it makes you feel like you've got one foot on the dancefloor and one foot in the crying room (that's the room where you cry). It's equal parts dance-y as it is emotional, which makes for an enthralling experience that captivates your attention. It's not passive, but at the same time it can relax you. It's not aggressive, but at the same time carries an intensity that will have you really feeling the emotions and vulnerability on display. What is for certain is that Geryon's music is utterly unique, and that's what makes it so enjoyable.

Following on from the release of their EP, We Don't Talk About The Ghost, last year, Geryon has now shared their latest efforts in the form of a video for 'Ghost'. The entire EP is filled with subtle but incredibly complex electronica, as Geryon uses silence and space as tools to further amplify their message while also uses a myriad of instruments to craft ethereal soundscapes. It's explorative and bold, so it's only fitting that equally bold visuals are used for the accompanying videos- and now we have exactly that.

Teaming up with multi-disciplinary artist Alex Cuffe, whose work as an artist and musician is extensive, and is also known as their music alias Tt Sktls, together Cuffe and Geryon melded minds to create something completely otherworldly.

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Geryon said, "'Ghost' is about the ways in which trauma lives in the body, and how we process that. It is also about transness and sexuality. Throughout the clip we have used stocking body suits and rope as a metaphor for that experience." Featuring Melbourne artists including June Jones from Two Steps on the Water, Mo and Maia from HABITS, and trixie darko, the clip is so intimate you almost feel like you're intruding, but it's so beautifully put together you can't look away. With stunning imagery on each subject in the clip, the message Geryon was aiming to send out is loud and clear, but in their own, subtle way.

With meticulous intricacy, this is a truly captivating video for 'Ghost', and one that just works so well it feels only logical that it exists. I'm just hoping this isn't the last time Geryon and Cuffe team up, as this is too special to be a one-time thing.

We Don't Talk About The Ghost is out now. Stream here.

Image: Supplied

Words by Emma Jones