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Live Review: Watch Gabriel Garźon-Montano's new video for 'Crawl'

31 January 2017 | 8:06 am | Lloyd Crackett

Watch Gabriel Garźon-Montano latest video for his single, 'Crawl'.

We've long been fans of GABRIEL GARŹON-MONTANO, and our anticipation for his new album has been rising every day. Just recently, we hit fever pitch for the single, ‘Crawl’ and now, it's time to turn up the hype again as the music video, directed by Santiago Carrasquilla, has dropped.

While the song itself is a sensual slow jam carried by the soulful Gabriel – the video prides itself in its simplicity. Visually, it bears all of the hallmarks of an Apple Ad, with clean and efficient use of negative space, a seamless use of animation and wonderfully executed cutaways. The entire video focuses on the handsome Gabriel’s crooning as he half-dances and half meanders his way around the dimly lit white backdrop. Gabriel isn’t exactly dancing; he’s no where near as dorky as Drake’s Hotline Bling jiving, yet his movements are still appealing in that he makes use of the space he is given.

Major props to Santiago Carrasquilla for the direction in this video, as while it is simple and never attempts to overtake the song, it is never boring. Also, making a featured appearance in the video clip is Gabriel’s musical brother David Frazier Jr. who plays drums on the track.

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The release of the music video only furthers the hype for Jardin, Gabriel Garźon-Montano’s debut album. Of the album, Gabriel has said it will be about “The struggles and uncertainties of the many-layered game that is America today.” With a strong sound, neat and enjoyable visuals Jardin, out the 27th of January on Stones Throw Records, is definitely one to keep an eye out for.