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Live Review: G Elenil raps her way around Brisbane in her latest music video for 'God Enough'

31 May 2017 | 7:45 am | Abbey Lenton

Producer, rapper and singer G Elenil has just released the music video for her track 'God Enough', and its bursting with Brisbane love.

Brissy-based producer, rapper and singer G ELENIL has just released the music video for her track 'God Enough'. Covering all sides of the production process, the work of Q Film Collective was enlisted to tie this video together. Seeing G ELENIL perform is the best way to appreciate her sound, so watch as she takes you around her hometown. Rapper hands: not optional.

Probably thanks to Beyoncé, kicking a music video off with a cool prologue seems to be the latest thing to do. And G Elenil is all over it. Spoken word calmly transitions into hushed and rolling vocals.

The beginning of the video is gorgeous, G Elenil stands by the river, singing her lyrics pensively. The sun is glowing softly, and the camera pans slowly. And as the song amplifies and transforms, so does the nature of the video. The sparkling indie melody ticks over into a tough hip-hop beat. And this is where the rapper hands come into play.

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Everything about this clip is bursting with Brisbane love; jumping from shot after shot of the river, to three very special back up dancers galavanting around all in white. You may even recognised these gallivants as fellow producers and Brisbane natives TOMTOM, JAYCEE and APEMAN. The vibe of 'God Enough' truly captures the great fun everyone would have had putting this music video together.

G Elenil is quickly becoming one of the most exciting hip-hop artists to emerge from the melting pot that is Brisbane. Playing a few key shows around the city recently, there's only one way she's headed these days - and it's straight to the top!