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Live Review: WATCH: Four Tet 'Looking Backward, Moving Forward' Doco

13 September 2013 | 3:42 pm | Nick Luke

WATCH the latest FOUR TET mini-documentary 'Looking Backward, Moving Forward' directed by Dan Wilde.

Kieran Hebden, UK-based multi-instrumentalist, forward thinking producer, label owner and all-round nice guy - known the world over as FOUR TET - is the subject of the latest mini-documentary series by The Creative Project. An extensive collaborative effort between VICE and INTEL.

Presented as a milestone for the 10th anniversary of FOUR TET's revolutionary album, ROUNDS, The mini-doco entitled 'FOUR TET: Looking Backward, Moving Forward' is an innovative visual experience. Directed by Dan Wilde, the video consists of exclusive audio interviews with the artist discussing his philosophies as well providing illuminating insights into his personal life and past circa production of ROUNDS.

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What sets this documentary apart from a slew of other artist interviews is the unique method of animation within the video. FOUR TET: Looking Backward, Moving Forward is entirely animated by Yorgo Alexopoulos, bringing a library of static images to life within the context of Kieran's words.

Standing out as a beautifully animated insight into the mind of FOUR TET - who is arguably one of the most forward thinking musicians this generation has to offer - at just under 9 minutes, Looking Backward, Moving Forward is definitely a documentary to slot into your essential viewing for this week.

Words by Nick Luke