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Live Review: WATCH: Flume 'Space Cadet' ft. Ghostface Killah & Autre Ne Veut (Official Video)

20 March 2014 | 11:17 am | Nick Luke

Aussie producer Flume gets cartoon-style in the video for his track 'Space Cadet' ft. Ghostface Killah & Autre Ne Veut

The young (and might I say, quite dashing) Aussie super producer entity that is FLUME has dropped his latest video for 'Space Cadet', a stellar track taken from his deluxe edition debut album. Things just got intergalactic.

Just when you thought his tracks couldn't get any more awesome, FLUME goes and enlists two legendary artists from completely different ends of the musical spectrum and smashes them together to see what happens.

NY rapper (of god-like proportions) GHOSTFACE KILLAH, who you might recognise from - oh, I dunno - a little group called WU-TANG CLAN, and US future-R&B singer (and heartthrob) AUTRE NE VEUT collide on 'Space Cadet'. They take the track to fresh and unknown territories, while still remaining completely true to the staple 'FLUME' sound we all know and love (with a few cheeky little vocal sample riffs here and there).

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The video for 'Space Cadet' is as equally as weird as the feature match-up, in the sense that it oddly works wonderfully. Animated dream-like characters and claymation backgrounds depict colourful alien worlds. After watching the video it comes as no surprise that the animator for the video is none other than the very same cartoonist in charge of the rad TV-show we all know and love - BOB'S BURGERS. Nice one.

With a video clip like this taking such a bold and refreshing route with fun and playful cartoon animation, we couldn't expect anything else short of groundbreaking from the young internationally acclaimed producer - old mate FLUME.

Words by Nick Luke