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Live Review: PREMIERE: Flimsey Lohan explore hectic jazz-hop in their new track & clip, 'Good At Nothing Kids'

2 August 2019 | 10:19 am | Caitlin Medcalf

Melbourne jazz-hop quartet Flimsey Lohan are today premiering their new clip to accompany their darkest single yet, 'Good At Nothing Kids'.

There's an insanely unique contemporary jazz revival happening in Australia at the moment. Bands like Mildlife30/70 and First Beige are taking things up a notch, fusing jazz sensibilities in with their respective electronic-influenced sounds. Today, we're excited to be sharing a new offering from another Australian act who are on a similar wavelength to these aforementioned artists.

FLIMSEY LOHAN are a Melbourne based jazz/hip-hop quartet. Their sound is particularly reminiscent of their jazz-hop contemporaries like BADBADNOTGOOD, but they're quickly carving out a space of their own with their inimitable flow and cohesiveness that's a result of the tight-knit nature of the group.

Today, they've gifted us with the task of premiering their new track, 'Good At Nothing Kids', and their new clip to accompany it too. The track is out today via Alumni Records.

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Taking a break from their signature bright and bold sound, they're using this track to delve a little deeper, giving a Freddie Gibbs/Madlib sort of vibe, but with heavier and more precise live instrumentation. The lyrics explore themes of rebellion and freedom, with their lead vocalist Moom$ offering up his smooth, languid flow against the frenzied instrumental.

“I wrote these lyrics a while ago and always had a thing for them, but they got lost in the notes on my phone. When I stumbled across them by surprise at practice, it just fitted to the instrumental we were jamming and seemed to work.”

The clip takes on a sort of day-in-the-life docco style, giving us cutaways of their live performances and some more up close and personal clips too. The realness of the clip personifies the energy of the track, making for the perfect dynamic visual.

Photo via Facebook