Live Review: PREMIERE: Miss Blanks, Jesswar, Kaylah Truth and more combine forces for this all-in cypher

27 July 2017 | 10:29 am | Emma Jones

Cyphers are pretty common in hip-hop. A group of artists get together and each jumps in on a few bars, freestyling over a beat and bouncing off each other. But, I can guarantee you've never seen a cypher like this before. Premiering today on Purple Sneakers, a recent FEMPRE$$ night hosted by artist Hannah Bronte, 'Welcome To The Venus Fly Trap', saw the best of the best in Brisbane's hip-hop scene come together to deliver some seriously badass rhymes. Brisbane has been heralded as a melting pot for a new wave in hip-hop for a while now, but these MC's confirm it. Strap yourself in, this is wild!

Featuring AYWINMISS BLANKSG ELENILJESSWAR and KAYLAH TRUTH, with DAMEILA on the decks, this clip is an all femme powerhouse empowering movement. Featuring live footage from each performance on the night as well as the all-in cypher at the end, each artist shines in their individual styles, from Jesswar's menacing rhymes to Aywin's intoxicating hook, Miss Blanks' fierce and quick-witted verse, Kaylah Truth's expert skills and G Elenil's unique flow. It's a celebration not only of artists coming together to showcase each other and themselves, but also of just how talented (and slept on) these five artists really are.

With each artist on their respective come-ups right now, this cypher marks a turning point for all five rappers. Proving artists can work together while still shining on their own, the collaborative and supportive nature of this cypher should be a lesson learned for local scenes and beyond - work together and you'll go further. What was a night of celebrating femme power in all its glory, this edition of Fempre$$ has now been immortalised in this seriously incredible cypher, and we are god damn here for it.

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Words by Emma Jones