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Live Review: The video for Erthlings' 'Bridges' is a raw look at future superstars

2 October 2018 | 6:04 pm | Jackson Langford

ERTHLINGS have it. They just do. The four Sydney teens have tapped into something truly magical with their music, and it glitters on their debut single 'Bridges' oh so brightly. It's a dreamscape of deeply mature and faceted songwriting, backed by a calming haze of synths and cymbals that elevate it flawlessly.

But now, Erthlings have backed up the song with a music video - their very first music video - and it matches the vibe perfectly. A hypercolour, split screen visual that allows focus on each of the band's members, Issy, Jessame, Taylor and Lissa, it serves as the perfect introduction to what Erthlings, as a band, are about. It's honest and raw, much like their songwriting, but given a twinkling and vivid coat of paint that truly makes it shine.

The video is also the directorial debut of Cybele Malinowski, who explained her vision for the video in a statement.

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“I am so aware of the excitement, anticipation and appreciation that comes with being a teenage girl, and acutely the over sexualising of young women," she said.

"I wanted this clip to show their fearlessness, vulnerability and all the conflicting states that being a teenage girl can encompass. ‘Bridges’ is such a wise and deep song, I wanted to reveal the depth and honesty these young women contain, revealed through shooting each girl individually in mid and close up format. By splitting the screens, we hold the gaze of each girl as they play the entire song - an intimate an honest performance delivered by all.”

Image: YouTube