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Live Review: Eliott's love traverses distance and time on 'Over and Over'

6 March 2018 | 6:44 pm | Kyle Fensom

Eliott pairs with producer Jack Grace to give shape to the kind of reliable love that traverses time and distance on a slow-building electronic ballad

ELIOTT has shared the second single off her upcoming debut EP, which is set to arrive April 20. According to Eliott, ‘Over and Over’ is a slow-burning electronic ballad about a relationship which is “not necessarily a romantic love, but a relationship between two people that no matter how much time they spend apart, days, months, years, they’ve always got your back – a kind of love you rarely find.”

The kind of complex, intimate knowing inside-and-out of another person being detailed by Eliott here is ambiguous, liminal and ill-defined. It’s a phenomena which is often incommunicable to people outside of the relationship, and one which is usually felt because it constantly resides in the background more so than it is openly expressed or acknowledged. On ‘Over and Over’, however, Eliott captures the conflicting nuances of those relationships with honesty and emotiveness in a stunning, slow-building composition that features production from JACK GRACE, co-writing credits from LUCIANBLOMKAMP, and an atmospheric visual companion shot by MADDY KING.

Grace’s metallic percussion and programmed drums take on the quietly reliable shape of the relationship being portrayed by Eliott. Eliott’s voice, utilising the huskier tones of her lower register, and Grace’s instrumental backing introduce a sense of closeness which jars against the heavy, forlorn piano chords and the distance expressed in Eliott’s diaristic, mantra-like lyrics – “Over and over / This is forever / I just want to hold you, when we’re together...Need you to know that I’ll never forget you.” It all builds to an emotionally crunching crescendo of rolling percussion and key changes as Eliott flies into her higher register, the effect of her classic pop songwriting and her accomplished taste in production perfectly realised and felt.

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Eliott will be touring behind 'Over and Over' in the coming weeks - dates below.

15th March - Howler, Melbourne

16th March - Rare Finds @ Black Bear Lodge, Brisbane

23rd March - Rare Finds @ Penny Black, Melbourne

24th March - Rare Finds @ Oxford Art Factory, Sydney

IMAGE: Supplied