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Live Review: PREMIERE: Submerge yourself in sublime beach vibes with e4444e's 'Luciday'

8 June 2018 | 12:07 pm | Max Lewis

As we get closer and closer to the upcoming EP of Newcastle experimental/dream-pop artist e4444e he's dropping tastier and trippier breadcrumbs. With his latest single 'Luciday' he's definitely outdone himself - Mr Dover (And The Endless Rovers) is sure to be a trip and a half when it drops in July.

The bread-and-butter of e4444e is ethereal, multi-layered dream-pop with an experimental edge. Think Merriweather Post Pavillion-era Animal Collective with reverb turned all the way up. I had to use a metaphor because e4444e's craft is such a unique vibe it's kind of hard to describe. His previous single 'The Oarsmen' was a great example - dreamy pop wrapped in warm blankets of synths, samples and vocals. The Sonic Boom remix which followed was a perfect fit as well - having one of the biggest names in experimental music lend his magic was much a delight to listen as I'm sure it was for e4444e to experience.

'Luciday' is definitely e4444e's best track yet, bringing everything to the table that we've come to expect yet somehow exploring new and exciting territory within its many layers. With a soundscape of bleary samples underneath his minimal vocals he builds up a stunning relaxed tension which explodes in the chorus, where a rapid-fire electronic beat filters in and out through endearing bleeps and bloops. It's a happy, feel-good track which manages to paint a vivid, halcyonic picture through e4444e's knack for layering and samples with impeccable dream-pop structure.

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The video, directed by David Lobb takes these vibes and runs with them, creating a trippy but utterly sublime visual experience. Taking place on a beach, the video rapid cuts through shots of e4444e singing, playing in the water or walking around. The picture is constantly warping and shifting, sometimes focusing in on e4444e with a hazy gaze, or portraying him as a mere blur against a backdrop of sand, water and the night sky. e4444e says that 'Luciday' "is a sort of vague dream scene, that grabs a bunch of things from all the times at the beach throughout these days [...] It’s the interrelationship between things, the sort of natural happiness from being on a deserted beach with a few friends and feeling a kinship towards it, an unspoken sort of thing." Where the track evokes this perfectly the video brings it to life, enchanting an already great song with a further feeling of enchantment and wonder.

In anticipation of his EP dropping in July e4444e is hitting up a few select dates in NSW - check out the dates below, because this is one sublime artist you don't want to miss!

e4444e - Luciday tour:

16th June - Brighton Up Bar - Sydney w/ Raave Tapes

21st June - Nights On Crown - Wollongong

22nd June - LUCIDAY launch // The Lady Hampshire - Sydney

23rd June - The Longest Night - Katoomba

7th July - Raave Tapes Shut Down The Cambridge - Newcastle

13th July - Oxford Art Factory - Sydney w/ Hatchie