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Live Review: PREMIERE: Driftwood.'s 'Higher Mentions' brings audio & visual together as one

21 November 2018 | 4:05 pm | Caitlin Medcalf

What's exciting about projects like DRIFTWOOD. is how much of an emphasis there is on not only the sound, but the aesthetic aspects of the project too. The Aussie singer/songwriter/producer has been working hard to make this project as visually striking as it is sonically impactful, and the latest addition to his audio-visual repertoire comes in the form of 'Higher Mentions' and we're very stoked to be premiering this one today!

Coming today via Mammal Sounds Records, the clip is entirely self-filmed & directed. The consistency across this project between the visuals and the tracks themselves is captivating and throws a refreshing air of authenticity off of it.


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Of this project's multi-media exploration, Driftwood. says “Every song I have created also has its own video with a narrative that walks a line between reality and other ethereal dimensions. I don’t believe in describing narratives and storylines, but instead prefer the viewers to use their own abstract intelligence to digest and interpret them for their selves.”

'Higher Mentions' combines slow-burning trap beats, a beautifully crafted ambient melody and some carefully executed falsetto in his vocals to create this big ball of emotive exploration. The track itself just screams out to be captured visually, so it's apt that Driftwood. is the one to bring this to life.

The clip use slow motion, a carefully constructed colour palette and panning to construct this cinematic piece. Various shots of Driftwood. from a number of angles and distances add depth to this release, rounding it out as an aesthetic & apt addition to his already versatile back catalogue.