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Live Review: Dorian Electra is the 'Career Boy' of your dreams

7 June 2018 | 10:32 am | Holly O'Neill

In the drag pop star's new video, DORIAN ELECTRA exaggerates the stock standard workplace into a ridiculous hyper-masculine playground over bro-y EDM

Historically, the art of drag has always been an avenue to challenge and comment on societal issues with just the right amount of humour and irreverence. Mix that flamboyant energy with future pop and you've got DORIAN ELECTRA, the shapeshifting star who's making tunes that'll make you think as you're entranced by their schmick production and glossy visuals. They've collaborated with CHARLI XCX and supported PUSSY RIOT on tour, making a name for themselves for being as extra as possible in their styling, subject matter and performance. Stepping away from the hyper-colour sheen of a few of their previous releases, their new video 'Career Boy' exaggerates the stock standard workplace into a hyper-masculine playground as Dorian Electra revels in the ridiculousness of excessive machismo.

Over glorious EDM stabs, Electra is horny for success serving CLIENT LIASON levels of corporate camp. They romanticise success throughout, interpreting greed and the boys club of big business through macho rose tinted glasses. The bro-y, head banging chorus is intense, and a cheeky juxtaposition of the drudgery of working a boring 9-5. Electra's character in the song is overtly masculine and seems to really love his job (if you know what I mean), as they channel "someone who learns to love the pain of the endless grind and who gets off to working overtime for 'the man,' despite the long hours and loneliness."

With the help of director Charlotte Rutherford, the music video is all Electra front and centre as the Career Boy of your dreams. Lit by the light of the copy machine, drenched under the water cooler or even with their windswept tie smacking them in the face, their overt sex appeal plays off overly sexualised music vids and directs its tropes to the love of the hustle. They take all these themes to their complete extreme, eventually even chaining Electra to a workplace cabinet in overtime hell BDSM style.

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'Career Boy' is a fun and campy banger, that by being so ridiculous turns the joke on the system they're critiquing in the first place. "I wanted to subvert and poke fun at this masculine ideal of the manly-businessman-hero and tear him apart," Electra said of the concept "and also make him very queer." With their unique approach to pop, eye for aesthetics and flamboyant star power, Dorian Electra is the boundary pushing artist pop needs.

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