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Live Review: Cub Sport invite the world to their 'Hawaiian Party'

14 September 2018 | 12:47 pm | Lloyd Crackett

With already over 2 million views, Cub Sport's latest video directed by the Dolan Twins is one 'Haiwaiian Party' you need to be at

It’s that time again where we chart the joyous ascent of CUB SPORT. After the release of their second album BATS, videos ‘O Lord’, ‘Chasin’ and ‘Good Guys Go’, supporting the likes of Ball Park Music, Andy Bull, The 1975 and Big Scary – it could have been a wonder where they will go from here?

And the answer is, now –somewhat obvious in hindsight – the entire world. With the release of their latest video for ‘Hawaiian Party’ from BATS earlier this week, Cub Sport have already caused a frenzy, racking up over 2 million views in less than two days, catapulting not only their new track but their entire album into international charts. It looks like Cub Sport have found their recipe for success and now the world is their runway because they are ready to serve it.

The music video of ‘Hawaiian Party’ was filmed on one of their recent trips to LA in which they worked with The Dolan Twins, a handsome duo who rose to fame through their hilarious vines and Youtube videos. The twins have carved themselves out a large fan base that spans the world. It’s the perfect platform to introduce the magic that is Cub Sport to a larger audience.

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‘Hawaiian Party’ is The Dolan Twins' first foray into creating a music video and with their vast knowledge of generating content for Youtube, they’ve knocked it out of the park. Cub Sport’s music video is fiercely relatable and undeniably cool – following three teenagers around the suburbs and streets of LA, the video builds up to moments in which they all take a leap of faith and profess their love for someone they truly care about. Notably, and in line with Cub Sport’s ideals, the couples represent the LGBT community. One heterosexual couple, one gay male couple and one lesbian female couple: diversity is the point here, the party was for all, just as love is for all. Also, not to be discredited, the style is on point with the wide streets of LA, the desaturated tones and the vintage-style clothes giving the video a dream-like sense, as if this was a history previously unimagined. It's this - in which Cub Sport are entirely themselves yet perfectly relatable - that seems to be key in their success.

Since the release of the video, the love for the Dolan Twins' and Cub Sport’s collaboration has been immense. Twitter is blowing up with young people tweeting their support, experiences and utter joy at seeing themselves reflected on screen by people they admire. Cub Sport’s quest to use their music, their following and their platform for queer positivity is remarkable and important. It’s one thing to go out there and try make it as musicians and its another to do it with a message that is selfless and in service to a fan base. Cub Sport are cultivating a community, an open community that accepts and respects its members for who they are. They are collaborating and trying to bring that message of queer positivity to the whole wide world and it works because it began as intimate and honest with an album that's unashamed and personal about two Brisbane boys' love for one another.

Cub Sport, in the midst of it all, announced their American tour, which no doubt will be selling like hotcakes as they climb the international iTunes charts. It’s quite a feat for an independent Brisbane band to do this but it’s been years in the making. Built off the backs of authentic passion, Cub Sport are a band that is held together by love. Take one look at their insta stories and experience the genuine joy of a few Brisbane kids who love making music together and want you to follow them as they try spread their message of love.

Image by Joe Agius