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Live Review: Collarbones 'Turning' (Official Video)

19 September 2014 | 6:57 pm | Lauren Payne

Collarbones have released the music video for their track turning and you're going to wish you were in it.

So remember the 90's? If you were born in that decade and your only memory of it is an old Wiggles video, then let COLLARBONES introduce you to the decade.

The duo have released the music video for their track 'Turning' and it's so bright and colourful that you may want to put on sunglasses.

The track itself does have a bit of a nostalgic groove to it. The house and garage samples used in the piece work together to create something that you simply can't help but dance and sing along to. It's catchy and of course if you're prone to infectious music, then get ready to have this one etched in your mind.

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The music video definitely seems to be the visual embodiment of 'Turning'. There's colour, there's nostalgic patterns and of course, there's A LOT dancing. The beginning of the track introduces it's characters, a series of people dressed in bright metallic clothing, stretching and limbering up before breaking out into a ridiculously fun song and dance. Marcus Whale embodies the perfect eighties heartbreaker, whilst Travis Cook keeps his cool and becomes the sassiest man alive.

'Turning' will be released on COLLARBONES' new album Return which is released in November through Two Bright Lakes/Remote Control Records. Keep an eye out for other new material because it shouldn't be too far off.

Words by Lauren Payne